NFON expands its operations in Central and Eastern Europe. Warsaw is the first location

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NFON opens an office in Warsaw. It is the first location of a cloud telephony provider in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, the company forecasts that by 2025 16% of companies in Poland will move their communication to the cloud.

Development in Central and Eastern Europe

NFON AG is a German provider of business voice communication in the cloud. The company currently offers its solutions in 15 European countries, but the organization’s plans include the development of services in Central and Eastern Europe. To this end, NFON will open its first office in the region, namely in Warsaw.

By the end of 2022, NFON plans to increase employment to 50 people who will be responsible for customer service in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. In Warsaw, due to the opening of a new office, the company will hire 13 new employees.

16% of companies in Poland will transfer their communication to the cloud

Interest in the region of Central and Eastern Europe by NFON results mainly from the still low interest in cloud telephony solutions, in contrast to Western Europe. According to estimates provided by NFON, currently almost 90% of companies from Poland, Slovenia and Croatia do not use cloud communication, but the market is catching up quickly in this regard.

At the same time, I predict that by 2025, 16% of companies in Poland, 25% in Croatia and 30% in Slovenia will move their communication to the cloud, which is in line with the trend observed in Western Europe. The number of solutions installed by the company in European countries increased by 12.8% during the year and in September 2021 it amounted to over 573 thousand.

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