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The latest analysis by Check Point Software Technologies shows that the number of cyber attacks in Poland has increased significantly. Cybercriminals have also discovered a new method – Trickbot, which is already responsible for a quarter of all cyber attacks.

From Dridex trojan to Trickbot

The pandemic changed the way the entire economy functions, to which cybercriminals have also adapted. This problem is highlighted by Check Point Software Technologies analysts, who in 2021 recorded a twofold increase in cyber attacks compared to the previous year, especially in Europe and the Middle East. However, at the same time, apart from a greater number of cyber attacks, cybercriminals also use new methods, which include Trickbot.

Trickbot is a botnet and banking Trojan that can steal financial data, account credentials and personally identifiable information when it infects hardware. Check Point Software Technologies data shows that as of May 2021, it was responsible for 8.3 percent of all cyber attacks on organizations worldwide and as much as 24.7 percent of attacks on corporate networks in Poland. The top three most common cyber attacks in the world also include XMRig (1.1% in Poland) and Formbook (2.2%).

Poland one of the safest regions

According to Check Point Software Technologies, Poland is on the 14th place in the ranking concerning the safest regions in Europe. However, the number of attacks in Europe is growing drastically. This means that advancement in the security ranking does not translate into a smaller threat to Polish companies and organizations.

The most secure countries in Europe in terms of network threats (Threat Index), 2021

Lp. Country Threat Index
1. United Kingdom 31.4
2. Netherlands 34.0
3. Luxembourg 35.2
4. Austria 38.8
5. Serbia 39.3
6. Italy 40.2
7. Belgium 40.7
8. Germany 40.9
9. Ukraine 40.9
10. France 42.0
11. Belarus 42.0
12. Malta 42.1
13. Switzerland 43.3
14. Poland 44.0
15. Sweden 44.3

Źródło: Check Point Software Technologies, 2021

“While there has been much talk about the recent increase in ransomware attacks, there has actually been a huge increase in the overall number of cyber attacks. This is a significant and disturbing trend. Attacks cannot just be blocked; they must also be prevented, including zero-day attacks and those involving unknown malware.” – comments Wojciech Głażewski, director of Polish branch of Check Point Software Technologies.

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