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Right at the beginning of 2021. The Office of Electronic Communications made the first staff change in its structure.  Zbigniew Zieliński became the new General Director of UKE.

Change of director of UKE after 14 years

Zbigniew Zieliński was appointed Director General of the Office of Electronic Communications. Until now, he worked for 12 years as Director of the Administration and Purchasing Department at the National Centre for Research and Development. Zieliński is a graduate of the Military University of Technology.

In the position of general director, he replaced the hitherto incumbent Mariusz Czyżak, who was associated with the Office of Electronic Communications from the very beginning of the institution’s operation. Previously, he also worked at the Telecommunications Regulatory Office and the Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Office.

Personnel changes and new targets for 2021

In mid-September last year, as a result of the introduction of the anti-crisis shield 3.0, Jacek Oko became the new president of UKE, replacing Marcin Cichy. During his speech before the parliamentary digitization committee, Oko declared that he would like to launch an auction for the 5G band in 2020 canceled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. These actions, however, failed.

At the end of December 2020, the Office of Electronic Communications presented the most important goals to be achieved in 2021. One of the main tasks is to provide 2/3 of households with connections at the level of at least 100 Mb / s. The strategy also includes a provision regarding the provision of frequency resources in the 3.6 GHz band for the implementation of the 5G network.

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