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The Office of Electronic Communications decided to check the current quality of Internet connections. For this purpose, from December 2019 to May of this year, it has made over 240 thousand measurements of the quality of services of individual providers.

Measurement results

Among all the measurements made, nearly 19 thousand met the requirements contained in the UKE-certified mechanism for monitoring such a parameter. The measurement covered fixed and mobile calls. The average download speed for fixed-line Internet was 152.4 Mb/s and 20.2 Mb/s for mobile Internet. As regards sending, these speeds are 59.6 and 9.2 Mb/s respectively.

Compared to the previous study, the average internet speed for mobile connections is lower. As the authors of the report indicate, this is due to the COVID–19 pandemic, and the associated constraints, including remote working.

Inea and Orange are leaders

According to a UKE study, the highest average download and upload speed among fixed-line suppliers was achieved by Inea. Toya was in second place, and the podium is completed by UPC Poland. In the case of mobile Internet, the highest speed was achieved by Orange. P4 and T-Mobile are ranked second and third respectively.

The study presents only those operators who met the requirements related to the minimum number of measurements and the minimum 1% share of the operator in the market for Internet access services.

There’s still a lot to improve. Some time ago we wrote about Nexer’s survey on Poles’ satisfaction with the quality of Internet connection. It showed that a quarter of consumers would be willing to change their ISP. More about this survey can be found here:

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