Netia starts another battle for B2C customers based on the network upgraded to FTTH standard

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In the new version of its strategy for the B2C segment, Netia, thanks to the modernization of its network to fiber optic standard, intends to fight for the customer with the quality and not the price of the offered packages. The operator also plans to purchase a part of its Multimedia Poland infrastructure from Vectra and is analyzing the extension of its offer by MVNO.

Upgrading the network to the FTTH standard is a distinguishing feature of Netia’s market position

Since 2016 Netia has been constantly upgrading its network to the FTTH standard. Originally, in the middle of next year the operator planned to cover over 2.5 million households with the modernized infrastructure. At present, it is estimated that Netia’s fiber-optic network coverage is over 1.4 million. The operator may offer them links with a capacity of 1 Gbit/s.

As the heaviest part of Netia’s network modernization is already behind schedule, the operator feels more confident in the market. Netia’s competitive position is also largely supported by its membership in the Cyfrowy Polsat Group.

Netia: not the price, but the quality of services offered

The above conditions have provided Netia with a basis for entering the B2C market with a new service offering. In the new approach, the operator announces that it is not the price but the quality of the services it offers that will be fought for, enriching them with additional services (e.g. related to entertainment). The operator decided to use this approach in the campaign promoting fibre-optic Internet access packages from TV, which started on 10 February this year.

Netia interested in part of Vectra and Multimedia overlay infrastructure Poland

Netia recently announced that it is considering buying a part of the duplicate infrastructure after the merger of Vectra and Multimedia Poland. Under the terms of the OCCP, Vectra must sell part of its business in eight locations. In this context, it is worth mentioning that Netia has in the past bought Aster’s network from UPC Polska, where a similar situation has occurred. To some extent, such an operation would also allow Netia to increase its operations in the B2C segment.

Netia also revealed that it started offering services on the Orange fiber network. It is also currently in talks with other companies to offer services on the infrastructure of other operators in the future.

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