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Everything seems to indicate that on September 8, 2021 a final decision will be made to bid farewell to one of Poland’s largest telecommunications companies from the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The withdrawal of Netia’s shares from trading is connected with the acquisition of a 99.999% stake by Cyfrowy Polsat.

Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders

According to the latest information published by Cyfrowy Polsat, the group has completed a compulsory buyout of Netia shares. However, the entire process did not end with the purchase of all of the planned shares. The group owned by Zygmunt Solorz has shares entitling it to 99.999% of the voting rights. The remaining 3977 shares, which remain outside the operator’s control, will be registered in favour of Cyfrowy Polsat.

Following the mandatory buyout, Netia’s shareholders will decide to withdraw the company’s shares from trading on the Stock Exchange. An extraordinary general meeting, the main point of which will be the adoption of a resolution on the withdrawal of Netia shares, was scheduled for September 8, 2021. At the same time, the information published shows that at the meeting, shareholders are to authorize the management board to immediately submit a request to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to withdraw the company’s shares from trading on the WSE.

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