Netflix once again at the forefront of VOD platforms in Poland

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In March 2021, Netflix returned to the position of the most popular streaming service in Poland. He replaced as the leader, which, after a rather unexpected result in February (6.7 million real users), lost over 2.5 million users.

Netflix, Player and CDA

As the Mediapanel research prepared by shows, Netflix lost its position as the leader of VOD in Poland only for less than a month. In March, the streaming site was visited by 6.86 Polish internet users, 6.3% more than a month earlier. At the same time, Netflix reached nearly 24% of users in Poland. fell to the position of runner-up, which after a good month earlier had to come to terms with the departure of nearly 2.5 million real users.

Leading VoD services in Poland, March 2021
Domain Real users Range
Netflix 6,860,376 23.51%
Player 4,143,312 14.20%
CDA – premium 3,779,784 12.95%
TVP VOD 3,031,344 10.39% – VoD 2,577,096 8.83%
HBO GO 2,436,480 8.35%
Ipla 2,120,904 7.27% 1,455,408 4.99%
Canal Plus 902,016 3.09%
Prime Video 664,848 2.28%

Source:, 2021

The last place on the podium belonged to CDA Premium. In that period, the VOD platform was visited by 3.78 million Polish internet users, which translated into nearly 13% reach. The CDA report at the end of the previous year shows that the site had 348.5 thousand subscribers, 116.9 thousand more than in 2019.

Ipla with the highest increase in users

When analyzing further positions, should be distinguished among the VOD platforms with the highest growth. In March, the site was visited by over 2.12 million users, by over 800 thousand. more than a month earlier (62% increase per month). The second platform with a slightly smaller increase is TVP VOD. Within a month, the platform gained 645 thousand. new users (increase of 27%).

Among the platforms with the biggest decrease in users, apart from the aforementioned, there were and Prime Video. Both domains lost 265 thousand and 455 thousand users, respectively.

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