Netflix enters the mobile gaming market


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For a long time there have been rumors that Netflix is interested in expanding its offer to include access to the world of computer games. Now, along with the announcement of financial results, the VOD market leader officially confirmed that subscribers within the existing offer will gain access to completely new products. For now, the American operator wants to focus on smaller, mobile productions. However, it does not rule out that in the future it will create its own million-dollar productions – similar to movies and series.

High expectations

Our initial focus will be primarily on games for mobile devices. We are as excited as ever about our movie and TV series offerings and expect to have a long road of incremental investment and growth in all of our existing content categories, … it’s time to learn more about how our subscribers value games” – Netflix representatives wrote in a letter to investors.

With the information about Netflix’s new strategy, great expectations, but also disappointments were raised. A large part of the Internet users expected that the American player would enter the gaming market with impetus, creating high-budget games. However, looking at the previous activities of Netflix, similar to the series, it will initially focus on smaller mobile productions, and then create more and more advanced productions as the situation.

Additionally, to the team responsible for the production of games joined Mike Verdu, who in the past was associated, among others, with Electronic Arts. He was responsible for the mobile production section, while at Netflix he will be the deputy director of game design.

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