Netflix and Amazon are leaders of the European SVOD market. And how is it in Poland?


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According to Ampere Analysis, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video together account for about 80% of all SVOD subscriptions in Europe. Both platforms have the highest number of subscriptions in France, the UK, Germany and Spain. Netflix itself has the most recent growth in this respect in the EMEA region. In Poland Netflix’s position is strong, but its real competitors are local platforms such as Player or Ipla.

Netflix and Amazon account for 80% of SVOD subscriptions in Europe

According to data from Ampere Analysis research agency, presented by European Audiovisual Observatory, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are by far the most popular VOD subscription services on the European market. Both platforms in total account for around 80% of all SVOD subscriptions in Europe. According to Ampere Analysis, Netflix’s market share in 2018 was 46%, while Amazon controlled one third of the market (33%). The shares of both players have been growing steadily in recent years, with Amazon Prime Video’s subscriptions showing greater dynamics – probably due to a lower benchmark and lower market penetration compared to Netflix.

The remaining 20% of the European SVOD market in terms of volume is mainly due to locally developed platforms in individual countries, where their position is often as strong as in the case of Netflix or Amazon.

France the biggest heavy user of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

France, the UK, Germany and Spain are the countries where Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are almost unrivalled in the SVOD markets there, accounting for at least 80% of all subscriptions. In the case of other countries in the ranking – Finland, Slovenia, Sweden, Italy, Romania and Denmark – a greater balance between Netflix and Amazon’s market shares and local competitors is already visible.

From data published by Netflix for 2019 (this is the first time that the provider has shared data on the number of subscriptions by region for Q3 2019), shows that in the last three years, the platform has seen a greater increase in subscriptions outside its home market, i.e. the United States and Canada. Europe, the Middle East and Africa have seen the largest customer inflows in recent periods.

Direct competition between Netflix and Amazon in Poland?

In the ranking of European countries with the largest number of users subscribing to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video services, Poland is also ranked 11th. According to Ampere Analysis, Netflix and Amazon are responsible for one third of all subscriptions on the Polish SVOD market (data for 2018). However, this does not necessarily mean that the services are equal competitors. The rest of the market is largely controlled by local platforms – Player (TVN Discovery Polska) and Ipla (Cyfrowy Polsat Group).

Similar conclusions result from PMR’s analysis, which in the latest report “Pay TV and VOD market in Poland 2020” presents a detailed structure of subscriptions on the SVOD market broken down by individual players in 2016-2019. The report mainly answers the question about Netflix’s real position in Poland in relation to domestic services, but also other global players – HBO GO or Amazon Prime Video.

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