Orange the most popular ISP in Poland

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The presented the results of its own analysis of the most popular Internet providers in Poland. The leader of the ranking was again Orange.

More than one fifth of Orange indications

The July survey by on the share of operators on the Internet market showed that Poles most often use network access from Orange. The analysis was carried out on the basis of billions of inquiries about websites, calls to the mail and a study of the amount of data sent from individual networks. The study did not only concern information about the number of subscribers, but also about their actual activity in the network. The results are unambiguous. Orange recorded more than twice as much activity in the examined period as the next UPC network in the statement. The authors of the study also point out that the orange operator is more active than other players on the telecommunications services market (T-mobile, Plus and Play). - udział operatorów na rynku usług internetowych

The market is among the largest

The president of Krzysztof Cebrat also pointed out that over 60% of shares on the Polish Internet market are already concentrated by the largest ISP. Even though the market is still competitive, nothing has changed for a long time. In his opinion it may prove that the ISP market in Poland has already been divided among the biggest players and there is no possibility to make significant changes in the share of individual participants. This will make the providers focus on competing on the quality of their services, and not on fighting to maintain their business.

It is similar to the market of hosting services, where apart from the, there are a few bigger companies –, H88, OVH. The rest of the small companies must be satisfied with serving the remaining customers available on the market“. – Krzysztof Cebrat compared the situation on the market.

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