National Educational Network OSE backbone network ready for use


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100 days before the planned date, NASK National Research Institute informed about the completion of the acceptance tests of the target backbone network and security systems of OSE (National Educational Network). Thus, the network is ready for the process of connecting educational institutions all over the country.

OSE ready three months before the deadline

NASK National Research Institute (NASK-PIB), which is the operator of the National Educational Network (OSE), informed about the completion of the acceptance tests of the target backbone network and OSE security systems. This means that the target nodes of the OSE network are fully ready to connect educational institutions throughout the country. Most of the new nodes already handle traffic from schools. Acceptance tests and start-up of the backbone network took place three months earlier than assumed in the original schedule. Having received a complete OSE backbone network with security systems after the tests, NASK-PIB closed the next stage of the project and is now focusing on the process of connecting schools to OSE, which is to be completed next year.

Skeleton of OSE based on colocation space of 9 suppliers  

The OSE backbone was created by installing Junipers’s IP/MPLS network nodes (implemented by Comp) and security nodes (provided by Infradata) on the basis of rented collocation space and by establishing links between these nodes together with active infrastructure.  By August this year, NASK had received from contractors all the colocation services provided for the construction of OSE network nodes. These included T-Mobile, Exea, INEA, Sinersio, Bialystok University of Technology, Kielce Technology Park, Opole Science and Technology Park, Safe Center and Sprint. Suppliers of data centre services for OSE were selected on the basis of competitive tenders. All agreements with selected contractors are valid for a period of 10 years. The central node of OSE was located in the Data Center Praga Polnoc, owned by NASK SA. The facility has been operating commercially since the middle of this year, and its official opening took place last week, on 25 September.

Nationwide coverage of the OSE network and 10,000 connected schools

The OSE network, which aims to provide access to fast and secure Internet to all schools in Poland, will be built from nodes located in all 16 voivodships. OSE nodes will ultimately be divided into two categories: regional nodes, which will include network aggregation nodes (to which school links will be attached) and regional security nodes, as well as central nodes (consisting of backbone nodes, central security nodes and OSE computing resources). Aggregation nodes will be attached to the backbone nodes. These nodes will also provide connectivity to the Internet. Currently, contracts for services provided by OSE have been signed by approx. 10,000 schools. Of these, nearly 3,500 are already using the network, and over 3,000 more are equipped with the necessary equipment and are waiting for the signal to be made available by the operators. By the end of the year, more than 10,000 schools will be using OSE. The OSE operator is still waiting for more applications.

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