NASK-PIB buys colocation from Sinersio Polska for PLN 4.3 million


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Sinersio Polska was selected by NASK-PIB as a provider of colocation services for the OSE program. The contract concluded for 10 years amounts to nearly PLN 4.3 million.

Agreement for 10 years

Sinersio Polska and NASK Państwowy Instytut Badawczy (NASK-PIB) have signed an agreement under which Sinersio Polska will provide colocation services for the construction of network nodes under the Ministry of Digitisation’s OSE program. The aim of the project is to connect all schools in Poland to the fast, safe and free Internet, and as a result to raise the level of digital competence of students and enable them to support the educational process in schools.
The signed agreement will be in force for the next 10 years. Its value amounts to nearly PLN 4.3 million. The project will start in the third quarter of 2019.

Only Sinersio met the requirements in Lubuskie Voivodship.

NASK-PIB has selected the Sinersio data center to carry out its project in one of 16 voivodship cities (Zielona Góra), because apart from the competitive price, the company guarantees a high level of preparation of the facility to provide colocation services, has implemented security procedures and ensures availability and continuity of operations. In practice, in the Lubuskie Voivodship, only Sinersio Polska was ready to provide services at the level required by the NASK-PIB project.

“OSE is a long-term project on a national scale. Starting with its implementation, we made a thorough analysis of the potential and capabilities of Polish data processing centers. In our country there are already many companies providing such services, but outside of Warsaw only a few of them meet our high requirements. When making the decision to choose a supplier, we took into account the degree of difficulty of the project, the responsibility for its proper implementation and the expectations we have to meet for the next 10 years. – comments Wojciech Racięcki, Director of the Educational Networks Division of NASK-PIB.

“Access to fast and reliable Internet for schools provides students with the opportunity to use information and materials that will help them develop their skills and deepen their interests. We are glad that we can be a part of this important project on a national scale. It is extremely important for us that the operator of the OSE project, noticing our professionalism, decided to provide a colocation service in our data center. We are facing 10 years of cooperation with NASK and joint responsibility for the high quality of service provided to Polish schools. – sums up Tomasz Stępski, President of Sinersio Polska Sp. z o.o.

Sinersio on the list of 40 largest data centers in Poland

Sinersio Polska was established in 2009. The company specializes in providing services in the area of modern technologies. The company has its own data center facility, launched in 2013. It was designed and built in accordance with the international standard TIA-942 in Tier III class. It is located in the area of the Interior Science and Technology Park. Sinersio is on the list of 40 largest data centre centres in Poland and has a detailed profile in the PMR report “Data centre market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024“.
Sinersio provides services including cloud computing, disaster recovery, backup, collocation and hosting. Sinersio’s portfolio also includes IT outsourcing services for business, as well as integration services and security audit.

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