Movie Games Mobile and Infoscan announced merger


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Movie Games Mobile, a Polish gaming company which produces mobile games will merge with the telemedical company Infoscan, listed on the NewConnect market. Both companies reached an agreement and soon will proceed to signing the contract.

The progress of transaction

According to the cooperatively compiled Term Sheet (basic conditions and transaction establishments), Infoscan – a telemedical company from the Newconnect market – announced fulfilment of restructuring measures, including the repay of liabilities as well as selling assets and organizing part of the enterprise to an external entity. Then, Infoscan’s shares will be taken over by Movie Games Mobile stockholders – a Warsaw mobile game producer – as a matter of the investment agreement.

After the takeover transaction of Infoscan, Movie Games Mobile will have an opportunity to make its debut on the NewConnect market faster than it was assumed, and Infoscan stockholders will become co-owners of the company which operates on the prospective game market.

Movie Games Mobile’s plans

Movie Games Mobile is a subsidiary of Movie Games, which was instituted in order to concentrate on mobile games production. Movie Mobile Games is planning a cooperation with Movie Games and its other subsidiaries, such as True Games, Pixel Crow, and Road Studio. The upcoming premieres of Warsaw mobile game producer are the Drug Dealer Simulator Mobile, and also a mobile version of the Alaskan Truck Simulator, which are planned for this year. The American Motorcycle Mobile will hit the market at the turn of 2021 and 2022. In 2022, also should be released a mobile version of the Gangster Simulator.

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