Mobile number portability in 2020.

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In early January the Office of Electronic Communications published a cyclical report on number portability between operators in Q4 2020. Orange Polska, which gained over 14 thousand new users, ended the quarter on a high note. Summing up the last year, among the four largest mobile operators, Plus was the winner and Play the loser.

Play with a loss of over 50,000 numbers in Q4 2020.

Considering the portability of numbers in the four largest mobile networks in Poland, the Orange network is definitely the best in the fourth quarter of 2020. In the last period of the previous year, it can boast of the largest number of new clients in Poland, which during that time acquired nearly 100,000. subscriptions out of 377 133 thousand. all ported numbers during that period. Comparing this with over 84 thousand. loss, Orange ended the last quarter with a balance sheet of 14 thousand. new numbers. As a result of the porting of numbers, Polkomtel (Plus network operator) has also gained, increasing its base by over 7 thousand. subscriptions.

Two other telecommunications networks in Poland ended the last quarter with a negative balance of porting mobile numbers. During this time, T-Mobile lost over 5,000. numbers. P4 (Play network operator) lost the most, with over 55,000 departing from the pool. subscriptions.

Number portability between operators, Q4 2020

Giver Recipient Balance
Orange 84 358 98 487 14 129
Polkomtel 73 507 80 735 7 228
T-mobile 69 805 64 640 -5 165
P4 129 622 74 014 -55 608

Source: UKE, 2020

Polkomtel with the best annual balance sheet

As for the full-year 2020 statement, Orange and Plus ended the year with a positive mobile number portability balance. Orange operator lost 314,878 numbers, while gaining 361,403 (balance 46,525). Polkomtel lost 256,883 and 329,796, respectively, which gives a balance of 72,913 new subscriptions.

A completely different situation is that of the Play network, which in the previous year lost over half a million mobile numbers, gaining just over 250 thousand (not counting Virgin Mobile, acquired during the year). T-mobile also ended the year with a negative balance.

Number portability between operators, Q4 2020

Giver Recipient Balance
Orange 314 878 361 403 46 525
Polkomtel 256 883 329 796 72 913
T-mobile 259 541 220 732 -38 809
P4 504 256 255 331 -113 931

Source: UKE, 2020

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