Ministry of Development announces tax relief for robotization


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Within five years, the state budget is to allocate more than one billion zlotys to the relief for robotization of enterprises in Poland, which is to be available from next year. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Development and Finance, the solution will be available for companies regardless of industry and business profile.

Poland with the lowest rate of robotization

According to the Ministry of Development, Poland currently has the lowest rate of robotization in Central and Eastern Europe. At the moment it amounts to 42 robots per thousand employees. As a result of such weak indicators, the Ministry decided to start discussions on a new relief for companies implementing production automation technologies. According to the initial findings, the estimated value of the new tax relief is to reach 1.1 billion PLN by 2025, of which about 150 million PLN will be available at 2021.

Companies will be able to apply for the new tax relief regardless of their industry or business profile, although, as one of the deputy ministers of the Ministry of Development Marek Niedużak admits, the initiative is originally intended for industrial organizations. According to MR’s estimates, the number of new robots in the country will grow at a rate of 7-8 thousand per year (currently it is about 2.6 thousand).

Tax relief not only for the robots

The Ministry explains in an official statement that the 50% deduction from the tax base of qualified costs related to investments will not only concern the purchase of robots. In addition, it will also include: purchase of software, hardware, health and safety equipment and training for employees who will operate the new equipment.

Deputy Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz assures that the tax reliefs are aimed at helping companies, not taking people’s jobs away. “This will help improve the quality and flexibility of production and the comfort of work”. She also added that robots “should do the work we don’t want and shouldn’t do in the 21st century”, especially in the current period of Covid-19.

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