Media Markt victim of a cyber attack


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The Media Markt chain, which also includes the Saturn brand, has fallen victim to a successful cyber attack. According to preliminary information, cybercriminals managed to encrypt some of the data for which they are demanding $240 billion.

Method – ransomware

Media Markt has locations throughout Europe, but as a result of the attack the store chain is functioning without major obstacles. The group is currently making every effort to identify the affected systems and repair any damage as quickly as possible. At the same time, it emphasizes that some services may be limited.

According to preliminary information, the servers were to be infected on November 8, 2021, but hackers may have gained access to the servers some time ago. Cybercriminals have managed to steal some of the data, the source of which Media Markt is currently trying to determine. A ransomware method called Hive, which has already been used to successfully infect other companies, is most likely behind the attack. The hackers are demanding $240 billion for access to the data.

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