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PLN 34.5 billion

The telecommunications services market in Poland is not growing. Overall it is “boring”, at least based on the figures. When it comes to the value in 2020, it is lower than we forecasted in the middle of last year – PLN 34.5 billion. This is the result excluding the pay TV and VOD segment. In fact, this is the result at the level of 2019. The long-term PMR model, of course burdened with a relatively high risk of error, shows that with the current macro and component assumptions of the telecommunications services market, the value of the market will again amount to PLN 34.5 billion. A summary of the 2020 results and more comments can be found in Rzeczpospolita.

5G packet strategy

The mobile market and, in the long term, the development of next-generation networks will be crucial in the years ahead. Will 5G turn business models in the market upside down? It is most likely that there will be an evolution rather than a revolution. In the coming years, the largest operators will stay with their current strategies of creating a kind of telecom conglomerate, offering customers a wide range of services cross-sectionally from each market segment. The more services, the greater the opportunity for up-selling and greater customer loyalty, very important at a time of high market saturation. Low base rotation in a situation of high market saturation is a matter of paramount importance. This is basically the main reason – as the operators themselves admit in the interviews – which firmly perpetuate the current approach and do not encourage sudden changes. You may wonder to what extent customers really need certain services and whether the packages really bring additional income. The margin on additional services may be questioned, which may be 1-2% or even generally not of any profitability. Still, churn indicators are and will be a hint for operators to continue their packet strategy. The results of two large studies from Q1 2021, a complete set of the latest data and forecasts on bundled services can be found in the latest PMR report.

Investments in the IT area

For the current operations of operators, it is becoming increasingly important to react faster to the changing needs of customers. An important issue, especially in the context of long-term trends, is competition and pressure from internet giants and OTT providers. This forces traditional operators to shorten the development time of services and to respond more effectively to emerging trends. This, in turn, requires having tools and remodeling internal IT systems, taking advantage of the benefits and flexibility provided by cloud environments, so as to be more customer-focused, primarily in terms of sales and service. This trend will only gain strength, and the largest players will look more closely at their IT systems, plan migrations and changes.

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