CPS Group to lead the data centre market in Poland?


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AODC will design a new data centre facility. The investment for the Cyfrowy Polsat Group (CPS) will strengthen the operator’s position on the Polish data centre market.

The largest project implemented by AODC

AODC, which specializes in designing and supervising investments in data center and server rooms, announced in an official announcement that it is designing a new data center near Warsaw.

Based on the signed contract, the works will include the design process in terms of construction and execution of the new data center facility. The total power of the designed data center is 4 MW. The power supply system will be based on UPS units and DRUPS units, while the air-conditioning system, according to the investor’s requirement, will be based on an efficient free cooling system, whose task will be to cool over 500 rack cabinets.

AODC has reported that the value of design works is over PLN 1 million gross. Maciej Wisniewski, Member of the Management Board and Technical Director of AODC, in his comment to the announcement added that “Many facilities of similar scale, or even larger, are going to be design in the next 2 years in Poland”.

Netia and CPS Group invest in data centers

The presence of Netia in the CPS Group’s structures is of key importance in the context of further development of data center resources. The latter operator has for some time been signalling its willingness to further develop its data centre services. To this end, it first expanded and modernized its main data center to Poleczki in Warsaw. The operator points out that the first company in Poland to have an SUG (fixed fire extinguishing system) with “silent nozzles” in the modernised data centre. (the supplier was Tyco’s company). In addition, a completely new colocation chamber with a colocation area of 324 m² was commissioned as part of the expansion. However, these resources are already practically used by the customers.

The CPS Group has a large data centre in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The commercialization of this facility on a larger scale is only just beginning, as Netia reported in August this year: https://my.netia.pl/pr/455895/netia-data-center-rowniez-w-grodzisku-mazowieckim

CPS Group is one of the leaders of the data center market in Poland

The integration with Netia has a positive impact on the prospect of utilization of the CPS Group’s data center resources. Netia has the opportunity to use its competencies and long-term presence in the B2B market, while having a new, large location for commercial purposes.

What is more, at an advanced stage (design works) the investment in a completely new facility is mentioned at the outset. According to PMR Market Experts’ information, which Netia does not officially confirm, the operator bought two plots of land in Jawczyce from Hector. In this area it is possible to build two buildings with a net area of 1,000 m² (1,800 m² gross) and 1,350 m² of office space each. The allocation of power from two suppliers (Innogy and PKP Energetyka 2 x 4 MW) is also guaranteed. In Q4 2019 Netia plans to provide more details related to the investment and the schedule for the launch of the new server room.

A ranking of the 35 largest commercial data center providers in Poland published in PMR’s latest report https://www.mypmr.pro/products/data-centre-market-in-poland-2019 indicates that thanks to the new investment, the CPS Group and Netia will be promoted to the top three largest commercial data center providers in the country in terms of net colocation space (only rack space) offered to commercial customers.

Interestingly, the CPS Group is also unofficially mentioned among potential buyers of the leader of the data center market in Poland – ATM: https://ictmarketexperts.com/aktualnosci/niedlugo-rynek-pozna-nowego-inwestora-atm/, although in this case the most likely scenario is considered to be the purchase by a financial investor.

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