Marcin Gruszka leaves Play

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Marcin Gruszka, spokesman of the Play mobile network, after 12 years decided to end his cooperation with P4.

Farewell on YouTube

Marcin Gruszka informed about his plans in a typical way, that is via Twitter. He also recorded a film, which he published on his own YouTube channel.
“I would like to thank Marcin for his innovative approach, contribution to the daily work and development of Play. During this time, we have moved from a novice with great aspirations to a leader in the mobile telephony market with even greater ambitions. The PR Play team he led set a new standard for PR communication in the mobile operators’ market,” said Jean Marc Harion, President of Play.

Play will not have a new spokesperson

Play does not plan to hire a new person as a press officer. It is known that the operator’s press office will be headed by Ewa Sankowska-Sieniek with the support of Katarzyna Tajak-Pietrowska. Under the management of Małgorzata Zakrzewska, Director of the Corporate Communication Department of Play, a new business model will be introduced based on the involvement of all members of the Play team and Play experts in relations with stakeholders. We wrote about the changes and the new strategy of the operator in this area in April. Internal communication will be conducted by Matylda Walewska-Romanowska, who will work closely with the press office.

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