Main objectives of the digital transformation of enterprises in Poland


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The survey conducted by ComputerWorld showed that more than half of companies in Poland do not feel the negative impact of the pandemic on their operations, and 58% plan to maintain or increase their current IT spending. Companies are most willing to invest in tools to increase the productivity and efficiency of employees.

Only 26% of organizations plan to reduce expenses

According to the study, “Investments in IT, pandemic and cloud” the coronovirus pandemic did not affect all organizations. Nearly two thirds (58%) of Polish companies do not plan to reduce their IT spending, and only one fourth (26%) have such plans. On the other hand, one fifth intend to invest in new IT technologies, and 73% declare such plans only in the next 2-5 years. However, the coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on some industries. Tourism, catering, hospitality and entertainment are the sectors most affected by the coronavirus in Poland. In these sectors, the survey showed that there were five times as many companies that lost out on the pandemic as those not affected by Covid-19.

In the case of companies that were not affected by the crisis during the pandemic, 41% plan to maintain investment levels at the same level as before the pandemic, and 36% plan to increase their investments. Among the organizations that have announced an increase in investments, the industry with the highest percentage of companies (76%) is the financial sector.

Major investments

Changing the model of functioning of companies and the way services are provided will require the development of infrastructure and appropriate IT systems. The greatest interest in Poland is aroused by investments in tools increasing the productivity and efficiency of employees. This is the main investment target for 27% of companies.  One percent less organizations, the main investment objective indicates the need to implement digital tools in the area of marketing and sales. The third place was taken by automation and integration of production processes (20%).

The tools using artificial intelligence are also very popular. Last year, 6% of companies in Poland invested in this technology, and 16% of companies have such plans in the coming year.

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