The nc+ platform as the majority shareholder in Kino Swiat


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The nc+ platform intends to buy a majority stake in Kino Swiat. Thanks to the new investment, the broadcaster will ensure permanent access to the rich library of cinema and television films of the distributor.

nc+ as a distributor of cinema and television films

In the first half of August, ITI Neovision, the nc+ platform operator, entered into a preliminary agreement to acquire a 70% stake in Kino Swiat, one of the largest independent film distributors in Poland. The planned transaction will allow the satellite platform to officially distribute the film catalogue of Kino Swiat, consisting of over 2,000 hours of cinema and TV films (1,200 productions).

Kino Swiat and established reputation

Kino Swiat is one of the leading film distributors in Poland, active in the most important distribution fields, such as cinema, video (DVD/Blu-ray), video on demand (VOD) and television. Its catalogue includes undisputed leaders in the attendance category, such as “Kler” by Wojciech Smarzowski – a film with the best opening among Polish films in history and the highest cinema audience in 19 years (5.2 million viewers), as well as record-breaking ,,Listy do M. 3” (over 3 million viewers) and the biggest hits of Patryk Vega, including ,,Pitbull. Niebezpieczne kobiety”  (2.9 million viewers). Apart from distribution, Kino Swiat also co-produces Polish and foreign films.

In 2018, Kino Swiat generated PLN 212.5m in revenues, which means a 47% increase in comparison to the previous year. At the same time, the company recorded a net profit of PLN 19.9m, compared to a similar ratio of PLN 10.5m in 2017. The positive financial results of the company last year were significantly influenced by the attendance success of “Kler”.

Ultimately, the minority stake in Kino Swiat will remain in the hands of the existing owners –  Tomasz Karczewski and Marcin Piasecki, who will remain in the company’s management board and will actively participate in the management and further development of Kino Swiat. The conclusion of the final agreement is conditional on obtaining the consent of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. The planned amount of the transaction was not disclosed to the public. 

nc+ platform: diversification of activities

The purchase of the majority stake in the Kino Swiat is the first acquisition carried out by the owner of nc+. Films from the portfolio of Kino Swiat have had their television premieres on the nc+ platform for many years, among others in Canal+. Thanks to the investment, the broadcaster will gain permanent access to films from the distributor’s offer, as well as securing content for the announced VOD internet platform – myCanal. Additionally, there will be new opportunities related to investments in film production. The background for this transaction is undoubtedly the planned rebranding of the nc+ platform, which strengthens the Canal+ brand.

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