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According to the findings of Rzeczpospolita, there is a shortage of over 100 thousand laptops on the market, for which there is demand during the pandemic. There is also a lack of computer accessories, which are used for learning and remote working.

Demand for laptops

Computers, cameras and microphones. This is the main equipment needed for work and remote learning, the supply of which has not kept up recently. According to Rzeczpospolita, there is a shortage of over 100 thousand portable computers on the market, and today many stores have problems with filling their shelves with this type of equipment. This is quite an unusual situation, because on the domestic market of computers and accessories there was no such thing on the market yet. The result of shortages of IT equipment, in addition to the transition to a remote lifestyle, is also broken in spring supply chains in the global electronics market.

According to the Rzeczpospolita daily, the increased demand on the computer and accessory market has lasted since March. According to data from the Ceneo search engine, the interest in webcams increased in October by 3400%. The demand for headsets for computers increased by 100% and for printers by 140%. According to Rzeczpospolita, such devices as document shredders also sell well. However, laptops are the decisive king of the pandemic. According to IDC, the Polish PC market in Q2 and Q3 grew by 73% and 48% respectively. Whereas in the case of laptops by 96% and 66%.

Demand also drives the government program

The IT industry reacted negatively to the government program, which allocated a PLN 500 voucher for teachers to purchase the necessary IT equipment – which is currently not available. “Experts say that this solution was introduced too late and for a much too short period of time. It will be difficult for teachers to take advantage of the offers, and shops are not ready for such an additional impulse, ”Rzeczpospolita points out. According to the editorial office, there are currently approx. 5 million Poles who are potential buyers of IT equipment this year.

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