Lack of data centre specialists


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Vertiv draws attention to the growing problem of lack of data center experts. This is one of the biggest challenges for the industry in the following years, especially in the context of increasing resources and new investments.

Doubling of resources by 2025

According to the report prepared by PMR “Data centre market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025“, the resources of commercial data centres on the domestic market will double by 2025. In the next few years there will be an investment boom related to investments of the biggest players. At the end of the forecast period a total of 166 MW of available IT capacity will be available. We have written more about the forecasts for the centres market here:

However, investments in the area of data centres entail the need to search for specialists in this area, and according to the Vertiv survey, 40% of companies reported problems with finding qualified personnel. Another 20% believe that filling staff responsible for IT infrastructure will be the main challenge for the coming years. According to estimates of the European Commission, there is already a shortage of 50 thousand IT specialists in Poland. You will find more on this subject here:

New perspectives

As Vertiv points out, one of the reasons for the lack of a sufficient number of employees in this sector is the limited access to technical graduates in our country. The rate at which the number of IT investments increases to the number of new talents is too low to meet the market demand. Theoretically, the answer could be to increase the number of women on positions in the ICT industry. According to the Uptime Institute survey, as much as a quarter of the IT companies surveyed did not have a woman among the design or operational staff. Staff shortages also drive demand for outsourcing services.

Automation and use of AI can be another chance to solve the problem of staff shortages. Google uses robots to destroy damaged hard disks, but they are not able to fully replace specialist personnel.

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