KPRM: A record year in terms of ICT incidents


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In 2019, the CSIRT GOV Computer Security Incident Response Team, led by the Internal Security Agency, recorded a record number of reports related to ICT security breaches. Out of nearly 227 thousand reports, over 12 thousand were classified as serious incidents.

Seven-fold increase over the previous year

According to the report on cyber security in Poland, the number of reports on potential IT threats in government administration institutions in 2019 reached a record number of 226,914. Looking at the previous year’s data, the number is over seven times higher. Incidents that were identified by the KPRM as actual security breaches amounted to 12,405, which is almost twice as high as in 2018.

Polish government institutions were particularly vulnerable to IT security incidents in the second quarter of 2019. During this period, more than 118,000 reports were recorded, of which almost 3,000 were considered serious. For comparison, the second period with the highest number of reports was the first quarter with 42 thousand reports and over 1 thousand incidents. Offices and ministries are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of events resulting from cyber attacks, as this governmental structure was characterized by the highest percentage of events considered serious.

Russia is responsible for nearly 1/3 of the attacks

From the point of view of the source of the threat, the attacks on Polish government agencies come mainly from the following countries: Russia (28%), United States (13%), Netherlands (12%), Poland (10%) and China (8%). Viruses are a scourge among public sector threats. They are responsible for 58% of all reported incidents. Phishing attacks are also very popular and pose a real threat to security, and a successful attack can have more severe consequences.

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