KPMG: the number of cyber attacks in Polish companies is decreasing


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The third edition of KPMG research shows that the number of cyber attacks on enterprises in Poland is decreasing. In 2019. 54% of companies reported at least one such incident, which means a 14% decrease compared to the previous year.

2019 the safest year

The previous year brought surprising results. Almost half of the companies surveyed did not register security incidents, making 2019 the safest year in three years. On the other hand, 21% of entrepreneurs noticed an increase in the number of cyber-attack threats, and 5% of respondents said that the threats of a cyber-attack had decreased. In the group of companies that reported a higher number of cyber attacks to the previous year, the majority are companies with more than 250 employees.

Cybercriminals have once again been identified as the greatest threat to the security of the organisation. 72% of companies are most afraid of single hackers. This means a decrease of 12% compared to the previous edition of the survey. More and more companies are also beginning to see the threat of dissatisfied and bribed employees (58%).

Cloud solutions

In Poland, the percentage of companies using cloud solutions is still very low. The KPMG report shows that 57% of companies in Poland still do not use this type of services. The main reason for not using cloud solutions is still low knowledge about it. Among the companies using a cloud in their operations, as much as 62% were unable to determine which type of cloud is used. 40% of organizations do not plan to use cloud services in the nearest future, and 17% plan to move some of their services to it in the nearest future.

However, as the authors of the report themselves indicate, the study was conducted before the pandemic period. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects that organisations are currently facing may radically change companies’ attitudes towards the cloud. Therefore, in the near future we should expect an increased interest in this solution in Polish companies. All the more so because the leading providers of cloud infrastructure have started to work on building regional data processing centres located in Poland”. – claims Michał Kurek, partner in business consulting, head of the cyber security team at KPMG in Poland.

The survey was conducted by Norsat Polska using CATI telephone interviewing methods with 100 organisations. The survey covered persons in the company responsible for IT security (board members, security directors, presidents, IT directors or other persons in the field).

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