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Kolporter company informed that the sale of gaming products is constantly growing, which will translate into updating the customer profile.

Gaming products are defined as games, as well as all top-ups, codes and cards.

The Kolporter started the process of implementing products for players four years ago, initially starting with the inclusion of individual products in the offer. Over the years, the company has been adding newer and newer products due to the exceptionally positive reception of gaming-related articles. Finally, it escalated to create a separate product shelf dedicated to gaming and e-commerce in each of the Kolporter’s stores.

What sells the most?

Dariusz Materek, Kolporter’s spokesman informed that the best selling are games and top-ups for games, consoles and gaming platforms. However, the Company does not limit itself only to them, they try to treat the product shelf as broadly as possible. It also sells all Internet means of payment, such as Paysafecard, Google Play cards or Amazon.de and Allegro gift cards introduced in the previous year.

Dynamic development propelled by”millennials

– Constant activity on the Internet, the use of applications, platforms and e-shops is an everyday reality for many customers, especially the so-called “millennials generation”. These products are therefore part of their regular purchases. Therefore, younger shoppers, aged 20-30, visit the stores more and more often. We estimate that year on year this group of buyers is growing in our network by about 8-10 percent – added the spokesman.

The increased activity of young customers clearly correlates with increased sales of gaming products. The total increase in sales from this category was about 12 per cent per store compared to the previous year, which makes this category one of the most developing among the Kolporter’s offerings.

– This is a very dynamic category, which is evolving practically all the time. Its development is a constant process, inseparably connected with technological development. It requires special attention from us, distributors and sellers – we must constantly analyze changing trends, novelties and, above all, customer expectations. We assume that this year – similarly to the previous ones – we will introduce several new gaming products.- Dariusz Materek says.

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