Justyna Orłowska to become the Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Education and Science for Digital Transformation

Justyna Orłowska to become the Education and Science Plenipotentiary for Digital Transformation

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Justyna Orłowska was appointed to the newly created position of Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Education and Science for Digital Transformation. Her tasks will include coordination of the process of digitization of education and higher education. This role will be complementary to her previous position as the Prime Minister’s plenipotentiary for GovTech.

Development of education based on innovations and new technologies

The responsibilities of the Plenipotentiary will primarily include the creation, maintenance and development of electronic services that will support the process of digital transformation of the education system and higher education. Other tasks also include the implementation of new teaching solutions and programs to support education towards future competences, as well as the cultivation of creativity in society.

4 years in the public sector

Justyna Orłowska is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of New South Wales in Australia. She is an econometrician and financier by education. She has been working in the public sector since 2016, where in the meantime she held various positions, including: advisor to the Minister of Development, advisor to the Minister of Innovation and Finance. She has also been involved in analytical projects in the area of investment banking in the consulting companies Capital One Advisers, Ipopema Securities, Enterprise Investors, EY.

She gained experience in transforming the public sector as the director of the pioneering GovTech program, for which she was appointed in 2018. Then, after two years, she was appointed Prime Minister’s Plenipotentiary for GovTech. Currently, from September 4, 2021, she is the plenipotentiary of the minister of education and science for digital transformation, for which she was appointed by Minister Przemysław Czarnek.

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