ITX Barometer: exceptional moods of IT managers

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The latest barometer of IT managers’ moods shows that in July an unexpectedly good result was achieved among Polish technology companies. The record-breaking forecast did not translate into a positive result next month.  However, the forecast for September is promising.

Record-high July

In July the sentiment index of IT managers in Poland reached 67.4 points. The good result translated into optimistic forecasts for the following months, especially since the beginning of the ITX barometer survey in April 2020, each subsequent month showed progress. However, the August result was 61.4 points, which was much lower than expected (70.6 points). September, on the other hand, may be much better, as 45% of respondents declare that this indicator should improve.

Barometr ITX eng

The starting point of the ITX barometer determining the moods of IT managers in Poland is the middle of the scale at the level of 50 points. Each reading above this level should be read positively, while the results below this level indicate a recession. The index consists of seven variables: revenues, employment, new orders, billable rate, prices, average salary and marketing expenses.

Revenue and new orders a key factor

The results of the August ITX barometer show that only two out of seven categories have maintained an upward trend, revenue (78.1) and new orders (71.9). More than half of the respondents (56%) recorded an increase in new orders in relation to the previous month and a 12.5% decrease in the number of orders. Additionally, compared to July, two thirds of IT managers in Poland achieved higher revenues, and only 6.2% considered their revenues to have decreased.

The highest expectations related to the record-breaking August forecast were related to the increase in the average salary level (89 points), but the result at 62.5 points brought disappointment. Only in 1/4 of the surveyed organizations the level of remuneration improved in comparison to the previous month, and in 71% of the salaries remained at the same level.

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