IT market in Poland during the pandemic


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According to Bank Pekao S.A., the IT market maintained its position as one of the most resilient sectors of the economy in Poland during the ongoing crisis. The main negative factor influencing this sector is the crisis in other areas of economy.

Software represents two thirds of the IT market value

As the report shows, IT software and services. Industry characteristics, development prospects, main areas” prepared by Bank Pekao S.A., the IT market in Poland generates revenues of 70-85 billion PLN. As the authors emphasize, the analyzed sector is an area that escapes strict definitions and is difficult to measure, so it is difficult to estimate the exact value of the market. By far the largest segment is the software and IT services market, which accounts for about 55 billion PLN (which constitutes 2/3 of the entire IT industry in Poland). According to the authors of the report, this share will systematically increase to more than 70%, the value of which is characteristic for highly developed countries.

In recent years, the software and IT services market has been developing extremely fast, with an average annual growth rate of 12%. This is one of the best sector results, twice as good as the average for the Polish economy at the same time. Although the current Covid-19 pandemic has reduced this growth rate by almost half (+ 6% y/y), this is a very good result compared to the general economic context, not only in Poland.

Poland still a European average

Despite the rapid pace of development, the Polish IT industry is still “European average”. Analyzing the 2018 ranking of EU countries concerning the production of companies in the area of software and services. Poland was in 10th place. The leaders are Germany and the United Kingdom (still classified as EU countries).  An important barrier to development is still underdeveloped domestic market in comparison with, among others, Western European countries.

Another obstacle is that in most of the rankings measuring the level of digitalization at the economic and public level, Poland is far behind. The only entities on the market characterized by a high degree of use of IT tools in our country are large companies. The biggest difference is visible in the SME sector, where the use of even simple products is much lower in European countries.

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