It is not good with the digitization of manufacturing companies in Poland

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As Siemens points out in its report ,,Digi Index 2021″, manufacturing companies in Poland urgently need changes in digitalization. Currently, only 6% of them have reached a high level of digitalization, and two thirds do not know whether they will spend money on this type of investment this year.

Poland’s score – 1.8 on a 4-point scale

The state of technological advancement in Polish manufacturing is best reflected by the Digi Index, in which the industry scores 1.8 on a 4-point scale. To illustrate, according to Siemens, a score below 2 indicates an urgent need for changes in the digitalization of enterprises. The index covers such areas as strategic planning, organization and administration, systems integration, production and operations, data management and application of digital processes in selected sectors.

The situation is also not improved by the results of a survey conducted among manufacturing companies in Poland. It shows that 63% of companies do not know whether they will spend money on digitization this year. This is an increase of 8 p.p. compared to the same survey a year earlier.  According to Siemens, the situation regarding the lack of decision regarding investments in digitization may be due to problems with the implementation of current budgets.

Nearly one third want to invest

Only 6% of manufacturing companies in Poland believe that technological tools are used in more than 80% of processes in the organization. Every third believes that this indicator oscillates between 20-39%.

The percentage of companies declaring their willingness to invest in new technological solutions has increased by one percentage point (from 27% in 2020 to 28% in 2021). At the same time, entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry assure that a higher share of profits will go to digitalization than in previous years. In this year’s Siemens survey, 9.3% of companies say they will not invest in digitalization.

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