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The Polish Internet Things market in 2019 was worth $2.2 billion. With the current annual growth rate of almost 24%, its value in 2026 will exceed one trillion dollars. However, not all aspects are keeping up with this trend, according to the report of the Związek Cyfrowa Polska.

Big growth

According to the report “Smart home, smart cities, smart world. The development of the Internet of Things”, Poles are enthusiasts of digital solutions and increasingly reach for new technologies, including IoT solutions. According to the estimates of the Digital Poland Association, the value of the Polish Internet Things market in 2019 was over 2.2 billion dollars, 6.4% more than in the previous year. In addition, the rate of development of this market is expected to be nearly 24% per year. These optimistic results are also confirmed by the DES 2020 digital economy ranking. In his opinion, Poland has improved its 2019 result and was ranked 23rd (up two positions), but is still close to the end of the rate.

As far as the use of IoT in Poland is concerned, according to data from the Digital Poland Association, 23% of Poles use solutions based on IoT. However, the potential is much greater. 55% of respondents indicated that they would like to use it in the coming years. The fastest growing market segment, not only in Poland, is smart home, which is estimated to grow to 123 billion dollars by 2022. Over 40% of respondents in Poland declare that they are not interested in this type of solutions.

The greatest potential for development on the IoT market in Poland has vacuuming robots. By 2019, the device was used by 300,000 people, and 2.5 million people reported to want use it. In turn, the programmers of home heating are used in 400 thousand households, and 1.7 million more are planning to buy it. Light management systems are used in 0.2 million households and 1.6 million households are interested in it.

Main barriers to growth

According to the authors of the report, Polish law is not keeping up with the rapid development of the IoT market. To this day, there is not a single legal act in the Polish legal system that would comprehensively cover the issues of the Internet of Things, which would support the development of the Internet of Things market. Another barrier is cybersecurity and the associated low confidence in this type of solutions. Without changing the attitude of enterprises in Poland and the culture of using new technologies, Poland will continue to be behind other countries in the world. The final barrier mentioned in the report is education. In Poland, only seven universities offer courses in the field of Internet of Things. This is definitely not enough.

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