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InPost invests in the development of tools based on cloud technology. For this purpose, the company has benefited from the cooperation with PwC Poland. According to conversations with representatives of the courier company, InPost is currently using solutions such as Microsoft Power BI and Azure Cloud.

Key areas of investment

The growing courier services market is driving new investments by InPost, in which the cloud plays a significant role. Conversations with company representatives confirm that the most optimal solutions are currently being sought to meet the organization’s requirements. Three areas are key here: finance, sales and operations. According to InPost, these are the elements that form the basis for the most important decisions, and their appropriate “equipping” will guarantee a better customer experience and allow to gain a competitive advantage.

“The key is to feed the warehouse with the right data, to analyze traffic in selected locations and to properly enrich the knowledge with data from external sources. There is a huge business potential in our data. Using advanced analytical tools, such as Microsoft Power BI, allows us to better adapt to the changing needs of our customers and meet their expectations” – says Andrzej Grochowalski, CIO at InPost.

All cloud investments in InPost were developed in cooperation with PwC Poland. As confirmed by the courier company itself, it is already using such solutions as Microsoft Power BI and Azure Cloud.

Continuous analysis

A fast and secure cloud-based solution can be used in many parts of the organization. InPost, based on the example of a courier company, shows an example of ongoing process analysis. In the case of, for example, a decrease in revenues in a given business line, a reduction in the number of parcels at a key customer or in a key channel, the company is able to quickly react to worrying trends. Importantly, according to InPost, cloud computing allows you to plan the future by providing data for building forecasting models.

“We wanted to efficiently and quickly aggregate the data generated at InPost to support current business decisions. The idea was to implement a data warehouse – initially for sales and volume data, and later for data from other departments of the company”. – comments Magdalena Ociepka, CFO at InPost.

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