Iliad Group with another investment in Poland


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Cloud service provider Scaleway, a company belonging to the French telecommunications group Iliad, has launched a new data center in Warsaw WAW1. The investment is an answer to the growing needs of the Data Center in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

Not only Play

After the recent acquisition of Play, Iliad Group announced another investment in Poland. Scaleway, a cloud service provider belonging to the French group, has opened a new data center in Warsaw. The investment plan is driven by the growing demand for this type of services in Central and Eastern Europe. The center can provide better services not only to customers in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, eastern Germany and the Balkans, but also in Scandinavia, Russia and Ukraine. So far Scaleway has had data centers in two European countries – four in the Paris region and one in Amsterdam.  It has provided services in over 160 countries and the opening of a new data center in Poland will enable it to reach new markets.

Currently Scaleway provides Virtual Instances and Object Storage services, however, as announced, all flagship services of the French provider such as Load Balancer, Managed database, Block Storage and Kubernetes Capsule will be launched in the coming weeks. The company was also included in September in the program to create the European Gaia-X cloud, which is to guarantee Europe’s independence from public cloud providers from other parts of the world.

Mainly startups?

Scaleway predicts that startups will be the main clients of the public cloud. ,,The CEE start-up ecosystem is at the forefront of the European technology scene. Cloud-based companies are increasingly pointing to the need for efficient, cost effective and European-based digital content in order to be able to become independent and freely change providers and thus optimize their expenditures,” adds Yann Lechelle, CEO of Scaleway.

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