ICT industry recruits despite the pandemic


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The Covid-19 pandemic has limited the activity of many companies and their development plans, including those related to hiring new employees. Currently, despite further uncertainty about the impact of coronavirus on the market, 42% of companies in Poland announce their willingness to hire employees in the coming quarter. Among the companies most focused on recruitment are those from the ICT industry – according to the report of Adecco Group.

Three quarters of ICT companies are looking for employees

According to the survey “Labour Market – Employer’s Plan” conducted by Adecco Group, 42% of companies in Poland plan to increase employment in the coming quarter. Companies decide to recruit despite the current pandemic. The companies want to return to the number of employees before the lockdown, but also gain additional staff to launch new projects. Increasing employment is most often considered by representatives of IT and new technologies, services, construction and logistics industries. In the case of the ICT sector, 74% of the surveyed companies plan to hire in the next three months, and 26% of companies plan to maintain employment at the current level. None of the respondents plans to dismiss existing employees.

As the reason for hiring new employees, 66% of employers in the ICT sector indicated the need to complement the existing structure. The remaining part of the respondents relates the employment of new employees to the creation and implementation of new projects in the organization.

New solutions

Despite the partially positive moods in recruiting employees in companies in pandemic conditions, many new decisions will continue to be made with caution. Covid-19 has caused serious changes in the way the market functions. Nowadays, many organizations are expanding their business methods, which is also related to the way employees work. Companies will increasingly focus on temporary work and the use of outsourcing services. The Adecco Group survey shows that almost half of companies (46%) intend to use flexible forms of employment.

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