IBM expands Client Engineering teams in Central and Eastern Europe


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The technology company IBM has officially announced the expansion of the IBM Client Engineering team in 3 locations in Central and Eastern Europe. This applies to Prague, Warsaw and Moscow. Each of the above-mentioned regions has its individual specializations, Polish team is primarily solutions in the field of cyber security.

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IBM Client Engineering is a team that brings together experts from various IT disciplines. This includes teams of designers, technical developers, solution architects, data scientists, security experts, dev ops experts. IBM itself describes it as a “multidisciplinary rapid response team” capable of rapidly deploying IBM technologies and services to meet each customer’s key business challenges. IBM Client Engineering is able to identify a problem, design a solution and implement it within 8 weeks of establishing cooperation.

This is especially important in such a difficult period as the COVID-19 pandemic. IBM Client Engineering saw a significant increase from nearly 300 orders in 2020 to over 2,500 in 2021.

“IBM Client Engineering is IBM’s unique framework for putting innovation at the heart of an enterprise and enabling innovation at speed and scale. (…) It’s fundamentally about delivering business value for our clients, while helping them infuse intelligence into their workflows,” says Wolfgang Wendt, IBM General Manager, Central and Eastern Europe. 

Each IBM Client Engineering team has a specific specialization. The Polish team has increased technical resources in the field of cybersecurity, but at the same time has the ability to implement any other type of technical project for many industries. In turn, the teams in Prague and Moscow are primarily data, artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud.

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