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According to a recent CBRE survey, fewer and fewer employees would choose to work only remotely. One of the main reasons for this change in attitude is the deterioration of relationships with work colleagues.

No more dreams of working only remotely

A survey conducted among candidates participating in Grafton Recruitment in 2020 showed that while the new employer provides a mixed work model, 61% of the surveyed employees are willing to change jobs to a similar job. According to Mikołaj Sznajder, director of the office space department at CBRE, most of us miss the office after a year spent at home, especially spending time with our colleagues. That is why only 25% of the respondents would choose to work only remotely. Every tenth respondent agrees to work only in the office, and almost 65% want to work stationary, but with the possibility of remote work 2-3 days a week.

“Currently, job applicants assume that since there is a pandemic, remote work is a matter of course. They want to work like this all the time or they want to decide for themselves how many days they work remotely. For a candidate, remote work is a manifestation of the employer’s flexibility and care. This trend will strengthen, although the expectation of working remotely for more than 3 days a week will probably be rare, ”says Joanna Wanatowicz, Business Director, Grafton Recruitment.

Deterioration of relationships at work

One of the main reasons for the change in attitude towards home office is the deterioration of relationships with co-workers. Nearly 20% of employees confirm that remote work has negatively impacted relationships with colleagues. Only 5% said these relationships had improved, while 75% did not see or could not identify differences in relationships.

The survey was conducted on a sample of N=299 individuals. These were candidates who participated in Grafton Recruitment in 2020. Of those interviewed, 53% were female and 47% were male. 65% of the interviewees were professionals and 14% were managers. The survey was conducted December 2-7, 2020.

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