Holm Security debuts on the Polish market

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The Swedish provider of cyber security solutions decided to expand its activity to a new foreign market. The company announced that it has opened an office in Kraków.

Poland – the biggest market for Holm Security

The headquarters of Holm Security Poland is located in Krakow. Poland will be the sixth (after Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Malaysia) and the largest market in which Holm Security is present. Paweł Dworucha and Mateusz Piaszczak are on the board of the Polish company.

“From our perspective, Poland is an important and strategic market offering great opportunities. We also see an opportunity for development in the countries neighbouring Poland. Moreover, Poland perfectly fits into the philosophy of Holm Security’s work, due to the cooperation of our company with Polish developers in Katowice, as well as in Stockholm,” says Stefan Thelberg, CEO of Holm Security.

Cloud platform based on local data centers

Holm Security plans to launch its platform based on local data centers, which means that both the delivered platform and all data will be handled and processed in Poland. It will be the first such advanced platform for testing the level of security in Poland. The processes of technical support and implementation will also be carried out locally from Poland.

“Holm Security offers a platform that should be a standard for all medium-sized and larger organizations in Poland. We help companies answer the question: how resistant are they to hacker attacks, industrial espionage, sabotage and other cyber threats. Many companies want to work on improving their IT security, not only as a result of directives such as RODO and NIS. – says Paweł Dworucha, Country Manager Poland.

PLN 1.5 billion from cyber security in 2018

Holm Security has been operating since 2015 and, according to the information available on the LinkedIn platform, it employs several dozen specialists. It offers solutions in the cloud, designed to carry out automatic and systematic assessment of the security level. In terms of competition, the Polish market is similar to other European and Asian markets, where the biggest competition are mainly companies from the United States.

According to PMR’s data, the Polish market for cybersecurity solutions was worth approx. PLN 1.5 billion in 2018.

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