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The Central Statistical Office has published another edition of the survey , “Information Society in Poland in 2021”, which shows that in Poland 2% more households have access to the Internet compared to 2020. In particular, mobile broadband is gaining in importance, with 5% more households using it. In the case of enterprises, 28.7% of companies in Poland already use paid cloud services. However, less and less of them decide on such solutions as file storage, database hosting or computing power needed to use applications.

In Poland, 92.4% of households have Internet access, 2% more than in the same period last year. The difference in Internet access is evident by connection model. This year, the mobile broadband penetration rate increased by 5.3% to 72%. In contrast, the percentage of households using fixed broadband Internet remains at a similar level (up 1.1% to 68.8%).

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A rate close to 100% (99.7%) is typical for households with children. In contrast, the percentage of childless families that have Internet access is 88.8%. In turn, the Internet access boundary between large cities and rural areas is blurring. The proportions in 2021 will be 93.8% and 91.8%, respectively.

The increase in internet penetration also translates into a greater percentage of people dealing with official matters via the Internet. This option was used by 47.5% of Poles in 2021. Once again, the most popular service was sending completed forms (39.9%). Nearly two-thirds of people also use the option of searching for information on official websites.

Mail and office software are the main cloud services used by companies in Poland

By 2021, 95.3% of enterprises were already using at least one of the ICT security measures. In contrast, 28.7% of enterprises were using paid cloud computing services, with large enterprises accounting for 69.7% of this base and small enterprises accounting for 24.4%. Again, the most common solution, used by 22.6% of companies, is the email service. At the same time, it recorded the largest increase from the previous survey (from 18.3%). On the other hand, solutions such as cloud file storage, database hosting or the computing power needed to use applications are less popular compared to 2020.

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GUS data shows that in 2021, 18.7% of companies in Poland use the Internet of Things, an increase of 2.1% from the previous year. As with cloud services, the percentage of large enterprises using such solutions is much higher. The Internet of Things is used by 11.5% of companies for logistics, and another 11.3% of companies use it for securing premises.

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