GUS: Every fourth company in Poland uses paid services in the cloud


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According to the Central Statistical Office, every fourth company in Poland uses paid services in the cloud in 2020. More than 95% of organizations also use ICT security measures, of which the most frequent are current software updates.


This year’s survey “Information Society in Poland 2020” shows that almost every fourth company in Poland uses cloud services in its organization (increase by 6.9% compared to last year’s survey). Among the services provided in the cloud, the most popular is electronic mail, which in 2020 is used by 18.3% of enterprises (an increase of 5.4% compared to last year). Cloud services related to office software are also popular. This year 15.7% of companies use this type of service, 5% more than in 2019. The podium among the most popular cloud services in Poland is complemented by a data storage service (12.9% compared to 9.5% in 2019). Over 7% of companies also use robots, and 16.6% of devices or systems within the so-called Internet of things.

According to CSO data, almost every fifth company in Poland uses open public data (17.5%) in its organization. The economic and financial sector is the most popular (15.6%). Other categories included in the study : Transport (6.7%), Environment (6.3%) and Spatial Data (6.3%).

ICT security

In 2020, more than 95% of companies used ICT security measures, 8% more than in the previous year. The most frequently used for this purpose were current software updates and strong password authentication (83.1% and 78.0% respectively). Almost every third enterprise in Poland also uses access control to the company’s network, and six out of ten organizations make back-up copies of their data and forward them to other locations.

The GUS also provides data on the employment of specialists in the field of information and communication technologies. In 2020 over 25% of companies in Poland employed such persons. They most often provided their work for large entities (83.3% of enterprises with 250 or more employees), and the lowest demand for such employees was recorded among small entities (19.1% of enterprises with 10-49 employees).

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