Cyfrowy Polsat to lead the market after taking over Interia


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Cyfrowy Polsat Group (GCP) is the only entity admitted to negotiations on the acquisition of the Interia Group. If the acquisition takes place, the leader of the ranking of online publishers used by most internet users in Poland may change.

Cyfrowy Polsat granted exclusivity

With reference to the information previously provided on 17 March 2020 concerning the offer by Telewizja Polsat to purchase companies belonging to the Interia Group, the Management Board of GCP officially informed that on 21 March 2020 the German concern Bauer Media (owner of the Interia Group for 12 years) granted GCP exclusivity to negotiate the transaction. The company noted in the announcement that the negotiation process is still at an early stage, and that the outcome of the negotiations and the likelihood of their successful completion are uncertain.

The Interia Group’s revenue in 2018 amounted to PLN 114.3 million (a 4.8% year-on-year increase), and net profit – PLN 22.26 million. In this period the company had 382 employees.

New leader in the number of internet users

Cyfrowy Polsat has not been strongly involved in the development of internet media so far. According to Gemius data for January 2020, Interia had a monthly reach of 18.5 million Internet users, which was the sixth result in Poland. The leader is Google with 26.5 million Internet users, followed by Wirtualna Polska, Facebook and the Ringier Axel Springier Group (owner of, among others, – each of them has a user base exceeding 21 million. The fifth is the youtube service with a result of nearly 20 million. The Cyfrowy Polsat Group is ranked 16th with 9.3 million visitors.

At least theoretically, taking over Interia should mean a change in the leader’s position in terms of the total number of Internet users. Of course, both in terms of the total number of page views, range or average number of visitors per day, the leading position (Google), remains unthreatened. According to Gemius data, is the seventh most visited website in Poland. On average 2 million internet users visited the portal every day in January. The Interia Group also includes thematic websites:,, and several smaller ones.

Interia in Onet data center?

At the beginning of January Netia, whose majority shareholder is GCP, announced the acquisition of the Onet data centre in Kraków. According to PMR Market Experts, Comarch is a long-standing provider of collocation services for the Interia Group, which has its data centres on the Życzkowskiego Street campus in Kraków. A possible acquisition of Interia will most probably also involve the migration of the publisher’s server resources to a data centre controlled by GCP.

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