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Stadia is a cloud streaming service for gaming. We last heard about the project over a week ago, on the Stadia’s official twitter. We learned that we would get more comprehensive data about the project this summer.

The project was announced two months ago – what do we know about Google Stadia so far?

The Silicon Valley giant hasn’t given much information about his latest work so far, we know the very outline of the service. The Stadia will offer the possibility of playing in 4K technology at 60 frames per second, and in the future 8K and 120 frames per second. The app will require nothing more than Internet access – that means you can play games on any device that starts up Chrome. The whole concept can be described as “Netflix for games” because it’s comparable to using the service, just select the title you’re interested in on YouTube and press the Play button.

The games associated with Google Stadia will allow us to forget about the long loading times and burdensome updates, every game on the platform will be available immediately, including the latest version of it. Google servers will support the entire game, meaning there are no technological constraints on our side. In addition, the application will support all controllers, both the Xbox and PS4 pads – of course, the company has also prepared a Google Stadia’s dedicated pad.

What are we going to find out on June 6?

The announcement, which took place on 24 May on the official Google Stadia twitter, shows that this summer we will learn about the price of the service, as well as the games available in it and the date of its launch. The entry from two days ago revealed that on June 6th at 6 p.m., Polish time, we will find answers to many questions about Google Stadia, the event will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

The date of publication of information about the service may be of strategic importance – the broadcast will take place a week before the E3 fair. This is essential because it will allow Google to present its service before Microsoft. A giant from Redmond intends to present a similar service – the xCloud project- at the Los Angeles trade fair.

The industry’s largest players believe that cloud gaming and subscription-based services will become a crucial part of the market

Applications that can be defined as “Netflix for games” will have an opportunity in the coming years to become a standard and alter the industry entirely.

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