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Google Cloud Polska has started its operations from the beginning of the new year. The move is part of Google’s overall investment in global computing infrastructure and increasing the physical reach of data centers.

This is an opportunity also for the Polish economy

Already at the end of June last year Google announced a record investment in Poland related to the development of cloud infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe. Now, with the beginning of the new year, Google Cloud Poland has officially started its operations in Poland. As Magda Dziewguc, director of business development for Google Cloud in Central and Eastern Europe, points out, opening a cloud region in Warsaw “is a chance to accelerate the Polish economy and faster GDP growth through the development of digital economy (…). It is also a chance to catch up and even overtake other Western economies“.

Opening a Google company in Poland will also benefit the Polish tax office. From the new year, Google Ireland will no longer charge Polish customers for Google Cloud services, as it was the case so far. Now, the settlement will be handled by the company of the American player registered in our country. This information has already been given to all Polish customers. VAT will be charged at the standard rate applicable in Poland (23%).

Available products

Google has been actively developing its business on the Polish market for a long time. At the end of September last year, the American company established cooperation with the National Cloud operator. In turn, a few months later, similar cooperation in Poland and Central Europe was established with companies such as Deloitte, Orange/Integrated Solutions and Accenture.

Google Cloud in Warsaw will form part of the expansion of computing and telecommunications infrastructure in Europe. As announced by the company itself, such Google Cloud products as Compute Engine, App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Spanner or BigQuery will be available in Poland.

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