Google Cloud Warsaw starts with many benefits for Polish entrepreneurs


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The Google Cloud region launched in Warsaw. It was announced back in 2019 and then Google entered into a strategic partnership with the Krajowa Chmura – a company of PKO Bank Polski and the Polish Development Fund. It is the first such center both in Poland and the entire Central and Eastern Europe. In order to protect it from possible disruptions in the operation of services, it consists of three access zones that are connected by a super-fast network.

 Google Cloud Warsaw tasks

The task of the infrastructure is to process data and part of the company’s global network that provides other companies with access to cloud computing services. Google Cloud Warsaw is to support Polish enterprises in digital transformation and provide access to global markets around the world. The investment is also expected to intensify the introduction of cloud technologies in the economy. Above all, the center will provide support for companies from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

The Google Cloud offer includes solutions such as Data Analytics & Security, Infrastructure or Artificial Intelligence. The Warsaw Center will be responsible for the development of Google’s own products and tools used by global customers.

 Google Cloud partners in Poland

The number of Google Cloud partners continues to grow and currently has as many as 450 different organizations. Google Cloud services are primarily used by industries in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, financial services, and communications sectors.

If for solutions proposed for specific sectors, commercial companies can use the recommendation systems AI, Retail Search and Vision Search, while telecommunications service providers – from Edge Computing solutions. Companies from the financial sector have a virtual assistant and calculation support tools at their disposal, and the healthcare sector is supported by virtual care or monitoring of the patient’s health.

In order to limit delays and reduce initial investment costs, media and entertainment use services such as: cloud rendering and post-production package, Media Ai Suite, as well as VOD in the live channel.

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