GOG, a subsidiary of CD Projekt, has announced the creation of the GOG Galaxy 2.0 project


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GOG’s new application has the opportunity to change the gaming industry standards

What is GOG Galaxy 2.0?

The application is designed to create an environment where all our games and friends will be located. This is the answer and perhaps a remedy to the deepening problem of the separation of many large companies from the “Steam”. In recent years, companies such as EA, Epic Games, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Bethesda or Microsoft have created their own stores and launchers to become independent of Valve’s giant.

“We are players ourselves and we have to jump between different platforms to access our games or see what our friends are playing” commented Piotr Karwowski, Managing Director at GOG. – “We believe that players deserve to be treated more and to be treated as partners, and it was this idea that became our idea when creating the new version of the GOG Galaxy client”.

Is the multitude of launchers a problem?

Just a few years ago, steam was enough to launch most of the games, but with the creation of new stores, the situation began to change. The desire to have many AAA titles required us to have a game manufacturer’s launcher. In the beginning, it was not problematic, but today we need at least 7 applications to play all titles. This causes that our library, achievements or friends list is scattered across the different platforms, impossible to gather in one place.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 has a chance to change the gaming market for the better

The studio responsible for applications claims that gamers deserve better solutions than those currently in use. GOG Galaxy 2.0 will also support various consoles. In addition, we will be able to view the status and activity of our friends regardless of the platform they use, as well as chat allowing you to chat with users of other consoles/platforms. The software will also include rankings and statistics for your games so that we can look at your achievements and the time spent on the platform. No less important is the option to customize the appearance of our library and a clear, nice design of the application.

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