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The European initiative Gaia-X, which was initiated mainly by companies from France and Germany, will open its office in Poland. The main objective of the project is to create a place where data can be shared and stored under the control of its owners, and where rules are clearly defined and followed in accordance with European requirements.

Importance of data

The announcement of the creation of the third Gaia-X facility in Europe, which this time will be located in Poland, took place during the CYBERSEC 2021 conference. Among the guests was, among others Dariusz Śpiewak, coordinator of the Polish Gaia-X hub. In his opinion, the main reason for the initiative is the role that data plays in today’s world.

“Data is strategic and its importance in the field of new technologies will continue to grow. Events which are related to data security, the way it is collected and shared have been of great importance (…) In the context of data security, the more organizations contribute to cooperation in developing rules and their transparency, the more positive effect it will have on the end users of services “ – comments the aforementioned Dariusz Śpiewak.

Third location

Gaia-X currently has two headquarters located in Luxembourg and Slovenia. The project itself was initiated by 22 German and French companies including telecommunications companies such as Deutsche Telekom and Orange, manufacturers Bosch and Siemens, cloud companies Atos and OVHcloud, and even car manufacturer BMW. Over time, more entities began to join the initiative. The planned facility in Poland will be the third place in Europe, where thanks to the joint work of the largest companies in Europe, solutions based on cloud technology will be created.

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