First Polish city with public 5G network


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In Rzeszow, the first public 5G network in Poland will probably be built for the needs of smart city projects. The network will be built by Exatel and Fibrain.

Exatel will build 5G in Rzeszow

On 5th July Exatel signed a letter of intent with the authorities of Rzeszow and Fibrain company to deliver 5G network for the needs of smart city projects. The agreement provides for the establishment of the first public 5G network in Poland. Exatel is one of the largest Polish telecommunications operators and a provider of advanced cyber security services, while Fibrain specializes in the construction of network infrastructure for the delivery of 5G networks for smart cities projects in the capital of Podkarpacie.

On what resources 5G in Rzeszow?

So far, there is no official announcement that would specify the frequencies on which the 5G network will be built in Rzeszow and who will supply the equipment. UKE information shows that the city of Rzeszow has resources in the 3.5 GHz, 3.7 GHz and 26 GHz bands. However, in the case of conducting tests related to the introduction of new technologies within the aforementioned resources, it is necessary to submit an appropriate application to the regulator. Currently there is no information that Exatel or the City of Rzeszow have submitted such an application. As Exatel informs, the analysis of the possibilities of using the band for 5G in Rzeszow is currently underway – in addition to the frequencies already in place, other options include using the 700 MHz band or obtaining any band under 5G from UKE.

Intelligent Rzeszow

Rzeszowskie 5G will consist of several smart city projects. The first project will be an autonomous bus. The next steps will include autonomous drones monitoring the safety of citizens, quick access to the internet in means of communication, systems of enriched reality (AR) and virtual reality for residents and tourists.

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