Fibaro: integration with Samsung platform and a 47% increase in sales in Poland

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Fibar Group has announced its integration with the SmartThings platform developed by Samsung. Such a connection enables associating Fibaro devices with the equipment of other manufacturers using the Samsung platform.

Samsung SmartThings is currently one of the most popular IoT platforms. Manufacturers have the opportunity to offer their customers equipment that works with multiple brands, which will allow them to better utilize the potential of smart home in everyday use.

“Cooperation with Samsung and the presence of Fibaro products on the SmartThings platform gives practically unlimited possibilities of expanding the system with the functionalities provided by Fibaro devices. This integration is a great undertaking for the benefit of both the manufacturers and the users themselves. The SmartThings platform is present in more than 200 markets worldwide. This gives the opportunity to expand and offer Fibaro products to new customers. We must not forget about the constantly growing market, growing user requirements and projects implemented by telecommunication companies, which is why entering into cooperation with Samsung is so important for us. – comments Krzysztof Banasiak, Member of the Management Board of Fibar Group.

The Fibaro and SmartThings platforms allow us to control the home through, among others, a mobile application. This solution is a well-developed infrastructure capable of integrating IoT devices. At the beginning, Fibaro integrated the following devices with SmartThings: These include: Motion Sensor, Door/Window Sensor, Dimmer 2, Single Switch, Double Switch, Wall Plug, Flood Sensor and CO Sensor.

Already last year, Fibaro presented 13 integrations with external manufacturers, including Google, Amazon, Apple – voice control, Yale, Bose, Sonos and Yamaha. Apart from large partnerships, Fibaro also implements integrations created by the community. Users also create solutions using IR adapters for devices such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Apple, Dream, O2, Panasonic, Honeywell, Dyson, Nuki and Husqvarna. The popularity of smart home systems in Poland is constantly growing. The most popular are in Silesia, Mazovia and Małopolska.

This is evidenced by the dynamic increase in sales of Fibaro devices in 2018 by 47% compared to 2017. Also in other Central and Eastern European markets, the results of the Fibaro Group show strong growth trends: in Hungary 231%, in Slovakia 830%, in Serbia 162% and in Russia 976%. Some of them are, of course, the result of a low base. In 2017, Fibar Group revenues increased by 22% to PLN 112 million, and net profit doubled to PLN 15 million. Mikołaj Pertek, Director of Fibaro in Poland and Central Europe, emphasizes that the company’s success results from the increase in consumers’ awareness of smart systems and their perception of the real benefits of smart installations, as well as strategic partnerships and training and certification programs for installers.

The main channel of reaching customers is a network of qualified installers and intensive cooperation with developers. One fourth of sales is generated by telecommunications companies and energy suppliers. Fibaro also recognizes a group of customers who want to try their hand at installing smart home appliances. It is because of them that the cooperation with partners such as online shops of leading consumer electronics retailers has been started: Computers, RTV Euro AGD, Media Expert, Neonet as well as specialist networks such as iSpot, Cortland, i-Dream or DYI stores – Leroy Merlin.

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