Fellowmind study on digital transformation in Poland


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Fellowmind research shows that Polish companies during the pandemic invested mainly in cloud computing solutions (46%), online tools (46%) and security. At the same time, 12% of respondents confirmed that they were already fully prepared to support remote working and that the pandemic did not force additional costs associated with its organization. This is a higher percentage of companies than in countries such as Germany (10%), Finland (9%) and Denmark (6%).

Over the next 5 years, companies in Poland will focus mainly on investments in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and those supporting data analytics. This is confirmed by 41% and 38% of the surveyed organizations, respectively. Two-thirds of companies, in turn, still plan to invest in tools that enable remote working. However, at the same time 35% of organizations fear that their employees will be reluctant to work with new solutions.

Supporting employees in the adoption of new solutions, companies mainly decide on training and e-learning. This option is indicated by 44% of companies in Poland, the highest number among the surveyed countries in Europe. Nearly 40% also rely on personal training, and 35% on active internal communication. At the same time 4% do not provide any training or support.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is beginning to play an important role in digital transformation. Already 31% of companies in Poland declare using this technology, and another 38% plan to do so in the near future (39% within two years). The main barrier preventing the use of artificial intelligence is too high costs. This is indicated by 35% of companies in Poland. Another 30% also do not see the added value that this technology could guarantee.

According to companies in Poland, it is cyber security and sustainability that will drive innovation in the near future. This is believed by 27% of respondents each. 5G technology also ranked high. Nearly one in four companies also believe that changes in customer behavior will have a significant impact on future investments.

The survey “The People & Technology Report 2022” was conducted by research agency Markteffect among over 3 thousand managers and IT professionals from 6 countries (Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Finland).

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