Every third Pole changes their phone every two years


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According to a survey conducted by Kantar for Swappie, every third Pole changes his phone every two years. At the same time nearly half of the respondents make the purchase over the Internet, where, according to three quarters of them, they can find a cheaper offer of the chosen model.

Domination of Asian brands

The Polish cell phone market belongs to Asian companies. The total share of companies from this region is responsible for more than two thirds of all devices used. Samsung once again maintained the number one position. In 2021, the South Korean company’s devices already accounted for 33% of all available phone models in Poland. In second place was the Xiaomi brand, which controls another 21% of devices. Further positions belong to companies such as: Huawei (17%), iPhone (10%) and OnePlus (1%).

The Kantar study found that most Poles replace their current phone model every two to three years (64%), with as many as 31% doing so in the second year of using the device. Interestingly, one in ten respondents does it at least once a year, which is about the same as those who replace their phone every four years.

Telephone without operator package

When deciding to buy a new phone, as many as 62% of people decide to buy a phone without a subscription with a selected operator. Only one in four chooses the package of services offered. Another popular option (53%) is to pay in advance. Only 9% of Poles decide to buy a phone in installments.

Online shopping is also a popular option, with three quarters of respondents saying it enables them to find cheaper offers for their chosen phone model. At the same time 69% admit to using online price comparison sites when making a purchase. Another motivation for buying online is the wide range of products on offer (59%), the store’s trustworthy brand (42%), and convenient payment and delivery methods (26%). Overall, nearly half of respondents (45%) would be willing to buy a phone online.

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