Every third company in Poland uses a cloud


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The study published by Aruba Cloud shows that every third company in Poland uses services in the cloud. For comparison, in Hungary this percentage is 38%, and in the Czech Republic it reaches almost 50%.

What encourages Polish companies to cloud

Enterprises in Poland pay particular attention to three factors when deciding to use cloud services. Location, certificates and costs. Nearly 60% of companies indicate that the issue of location can influence their choice of provider, and importantly 44% of them believe that information stored in a cloud must be subject to European jurisdiction. Also important are the costs associated with the use of cloud services and the certificates held, which guarantee the highest quality of service. Both of these factors each accounted for 37%.

PMR’s research for the report “Data centre market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025” shows that more and more companies are willing to pay a higher price for data centre services which are certified to meet certain standards. In 2018, this was already one in three companies (33%), and in the same study repeated a year later, such a tendency was manifested by 38% of companies.

More about data center certification and its impact on the market can be found here: https://ictmarketexperts.com/en/news/forecasts-for-the-data-centre-market-in-poland-facility-certification/

The Aruba Cloud study compares Polish cloud users with companies in the Czech Republic and Hungary. In Poland 33% of companies use cloud services. The situation in Hungary is slightly better – 38% of companies use cloud services. Among the three countries of the Central European region, the Czech Republic is the leader in the adoption of cloud – according to Aruba Cloud – where 49% of companies admit to using cloud solutions. It is worth noting that the study was conducted even before the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the accelerated digital transformation of many companies and strongly influenced, among other things, the saturation of cloud services and the potential for development in individual markets.

Safety is crucial

62% of organisations believe that the cloud improves their organisations’ IT protection. Companies are most concerned about data leakage (42%) followed by malware (36%). Most companies wanting to defend themselves against unwanted security incidents point to anti-virus programs (56%). Other cyber security measures taken include network security (25%), employee training (24%) and regular updates.

The main obstacle in the implementation of cloud services is still low trust in external providers. 27% of companies in Poland do not trust such entities. In turn, 34% of companies have internal rules and regulations that prohibit the transfer of data to external companies.

The survey was conducted in January and February this year on a sample of 654 medium and large companies based in Poland, the Czech Republic or Hungary.

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